Litigation is an adversarial process in which the outcome is never guaranteed. Many times, the financial and emotional cost of trial is far greater than what you can attain through a judgment in your favor. In those cases, a mediated settlement may be preferable to the uncertainties of litigation. Scott Harper has successfully mediated case throughout the Central Valley. His background and training gives him a unique perspective on the issues litigating parties face including those that may not revealed by the pleadings. Rather than using the traditional “positional bargaining” in every case, Mr. Harper employs a variety approaches that may be a better fit for the parties and their issues. In many cases, the result is resolution that is satisfying to all the parties concerned. Mediation results in a settlement in a vast majority of the cases. However, even in those unusual cases where the parties are unable to reach a consensus, they generally have a clearer focus on the matters that still divide them. On those occasions, Mr. Harper continues to stay in contact with the parties as developments in the case may provide another opportunity to find an agreement.