Commercial & Residential Leasing

At Braun Gosling we represent both landlords and tenants with respect to residential and commercial leases.

Our representation typically commences with counseling of our clients as to their rights and liabilities under the written and/or oral lease agreements with which they are involved prior to litigation having been filed.

The litigation itself may cover a wide array of disputes, such as, the landlord’s enforcement of a tenant’s obligation to pay rent, the termination of a lease based on a tenant’s violation of a non-assignment provision contained in a lease or the landlord’s refusal to consent to an assignment, the failure of a landlord to make necessary repairs to a residential dwelling, or the tenant’s failure to operate a business as required by the lease.

Whatever the lease issue may be, our clients should be aware of their rights, whether as a landlord or a tenant, and be informed as to the remedies they can and cannot pursue through litigation.