California Quiet Title Actions


If you co-own real property in California and you want to divide or sell it, and one or more of the owners either refuses to divide the property or is unwilling to sell it, we can help you take the necessary steps to partition the property through agreement of the parties, court ordered sale or, where possible, physical division of the property. We handle partition actions arising in a variety of ways, including:

  • Real property jointly owned by family members
  • Real property owned by business partners

Our representation in partition actions is equally divided between residential and commercial partition actions. In most instances, a lawsuit will need to be filed.

Quiet Title

A quiet title action is a judicial proceeding whereby a party seeks to:

  • Establish an interest of record in real property (e.g., ownership through adverse possession, a prescriptive easement), or
  • Remove liens and encumbrances affecting title (e.g., an expired mechanic’s lien, a deed of trust), or
  • Establish the priority of ownership, liens and encumbrances affecting real property.

We handle all matters related to quiet title actions, including preparing and filing all necessary documents with the court and acting as your advocate in hearings or proceedings throughout the process.